What makes this class special?

  • This club is only open to students who have taken "Intro to Songwriting" with me.

  • Every Wednesday I'll post a video with a new exploration that will be EASY & FUN to engage with! We'll be elaborating on the main ideas from the intro to songwriting class.

  • You'll be asked to connect with the club at least 3x's a week - This can take just a few minutes and the plugging in will energize & inspire both you and your club mates! See the video for more about the virtual club space.

  • What's connecting mean you might wonder? It can be either sharing about your own processes or sharing what you're making . You can also listening and engaging with what others have shared. Connecting makes the lights go on for everyone!

  • Using Loom makes sharing easy and quick! Loom is free and available on every platform - recording a video is as easy as taking a photo and then you have an instant link to share!

  • This club is also great opportunity to get help from me and from your classmates! You might want some advice on how to change up the guitar rhythm or add some more interesting chords? I've got you - with Loom it's super easy for me to make you a personalized video and the great thing about all the sharing is that the ideas could also inspire someone else!

Let me tell you more about the Songwriting Club! Watch this short video!

I'm excited about the Songwriting Club, sign me up!